Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ABBA enjoying the summer on the island of Viggso in 1975.
Check out Agnetha and Frida: 'That's right... we are stars!'

ABBA and the Eurovision award after winning the competition with Waterloo, April 6th 1974.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Agnetha and Frida at the beginning of a concert during the European tour, early 1977.

Agnetha: So when you near me darling, can't you hear me...???
(Frida rolling her eyes and Bjorn thinking %"%^*#&$#$)
Benny: SOS Agnetha... SOS!!
ABBA promoting SOS in Holland in March 1975.

ABBA during the shoot for the Super Trouper album (and video) in October 1980.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ABBA in the photostudio in April 1978.

Happy times on tour in 1977:
Agnetha & Bjorn on stage and Benny & Frida off stage.

ABBA during rehearsals for the Eurovision Songcontest in Brighton, April 1974. Check out Bjorn who does not look all too happy...

Smiley Frida and not so smiley Agnetha taping the tv special in Poland in October 1976.

ABBA meeting Australian prime minister Malcolm Fraser and his family after one of the concerts Down Under in March 1977.

The couples:
Bjorn & Agnetha rehearsing in 1974 and Benny & Frida going out in 1980.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Not many clothes here:
ABBA enjoying the summer at the island of Viggso in 1975.

Frida with Bjorn who's showing his backside while on tour in 1977 and Agnetha with Benny who's showing his grumpy side while attending a wedding in 1980.

ABBA at the Sydney zoo having some kangaroo time while visiting Australia in March 1976.

Frida on stage in January 1975, Agnetha during filming of the Olivia show in May 1978, Bjorn (with director Lasse Hallstrom) while filming the One Of Us video in November 1981 and Benny checking out the first CD player in the autumn of 1982.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

ABBA and a fan in Leysin (Switzerland) in February 1979.

An alternate black and white take of the The Visitors session at Skansen in Stockholm in 1981.

No food on the plates so Cheers for now:
ABBA and French chanteuse Mireille Matthieu ready for dinner in Paris in 1978.

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