Sunday, May 31, 2009

ABBA and Stig leaving their handprints at the soon going to be re-opened Europa Film studios, August 6th 1979.

Bumms all over the place:
Benny and Bjorn lifting up lightweights Frida and Agnetha in 1974.
Check out Agnetha's footwear... lol!

Frida, Agnetha, Bjorn and a rather grumpy looking Benny (even while smoking) during their UK visit in November 1976.

ABBA thanking the audience after a show during the Japan tour in March 1980.

ABBA and actor Robert Hughes working on The Movie on the island of Djurgarden in the summer of 1977.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Frida and Agnetha while shooting the video for Does Your Mother Know, early April 1979.

ABBA and their musicians during rehearsals for the Swedish tour in June and July of 1975.

After shopping at Eve:
Agnetha (almost incognito) and Frida spelling out the paper while on the road during the European tour in February 1977.

Brighton here we come!
ABBA winning Melodifestivalen in February 1974 with the Swedish version of Waterloo.

ABBA during rehearsals for the Olivia show with Olivia Newton John and Andy Gibb (among others) in Los Angeles, May 1978.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Enjoying some downtime:
Frida napping in the recording studio (the boys are in ten back) in 1977 and Agnetha taking a walk with Linda (and eating a banana to go) during ABBA's US tour in 1979.

ABBA on the Dutch Eddy Go Round tv show shortly after winning Eurovision in April 1974.

Flowergirls Frida and Agnetha in the spring of 1977: tour is done and a film and album still need to be finished.
Oh and there is a baby in the oven... Agnetha's...

Sweet succes! ABBA with three (where is the fourth?) gold records in Denmark in 1975.

The good times:
Bjorn & Agnetha with Linda in 1974 and Benny & Frida in 1978.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

ABBA (in their iconic white overalls) meet Basil Brush while promoting their new album Arrival in the UK, November 1976.

Benny, Frida, Bjorn and Agnetha smiling their way through 1973.
The girls even show some flower power...

Frida and Agnetha doing their own thing (and it shows) in the summer of 1982:
Frida promoting her first recently released English solo album and Agnetha doing press for her first movie (to be released in 1983).

ABBA caught on some airport while traveling all over the place in 1974.

ABBA in the Musikladen studio in Germany to film a live vocal performance of SOS in August 1975.

Lucky Robert Hughes getting all the attention of Frida and Agnetha while filming a scene for The Movie in 1977.

Smiling while filming a sad video for a sad song: ABBA in the summer of 1980 working on the promo video for the big hit to be The Winner Takes It All.

Benny and Bjorn (or as Frida refers to them: Bennybjorn) in the early 70's when international stardom was not even an option.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy clappy ABBA with manager Stig ready to conquer the world in 1974.

Benny & Frida all smiles during a night in town in 1977 and Bjorn & Agnetha all serious in a toyshop in 1978.

ABBA showing off their gold and silver records and even cassettes for Dutch sales while visiting Holland in October 1976.

Four ABBA's chit chatting on one couch in 1974.

The couples:
Agnetha & Bjorn still in happy times in 1976 and Benny & Frida in January 1981 shortly before news of their split was announced.

ABBA performing I Do,I Do,I Do,I Do,I Do on the German tv show Disco late May 1975.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Agnetha and Frida getting a bite while visiting New York City, late September 1974.

ABBA waiting around backstage before a 1976 television appearance.

Monday, May 25, 2009

ABBA thanking the audience after a show during their tour in the autumn of 1979.

ABBA posing for the press during rehearsals for the Swedish tv special ABBA D'abba Dooo in the summer of 1976.

No Eurovision winners yet but happily posing for the press in Brighton, April 1974.

The ABBA's looking kinda bored (and Agnetha really needs a drink) during a press conference in Australia, March 1976.

ABBA's olderst fan?
Either way... the lady was lucky enough to meet our four heroes during their 1975 tour in Sweden.
Check manager Stig in the mirror.

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